Accept coins PLN simultaneously with EUR…

CSP system devices simultaneously support a coins PLN and EUR.

Accepted coins:
[5zł 2zł 1zł 50gr 20gr 10gr] and [2eur 1eur 0,5eur 0,2eur 0,1eur] defined by the EUR / PLN exchange.

This function is available since version CB_2.25 and RB_2.07 drivers.

Available new version of CSP program…

We have developed the next version of CSP.

With new features:

– you’ll get extra time after the end of operation

(needed to open the door of the washing machine)

– you’ll stop and continue with the operation of the system at any time.

Both the installer and the program V1.4 has three language versions.

Download the installer CSP  zip_fileexe_ico_55

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