The panel which works with AC1-Master, which gives the ability to connect up to 8 additional outputs 4500W (20A) each.

obudowy_IP65enThe basic unit AC1-Master can be connected by two panels AC1-Slave which gives ability to serve 16 receivers with 4500W (20A) each.

Hermetic version available of the device …

System features:AC1-Slave8

  • simplicity in use and installation of 16 receivers
  • simplicit to connect with AC1-Master
  • massive housing
  • large device selection buttons
  • comfortable handles and solve cable installation
  • the possibility of disconnecting the device outputsAC1-Slave16
  • price lists defined individually for each output
  • delayed start function device (time to reach the receiver) separate settings for each output
  • cooperation with PC – configuration USB 2.0 cable A-Bmini – CSP program CSP – AC1-soft
  • labor reporting each of the 16 receivers
  • three-digit, clear – large display, measuring the passage of time each of the receivers
  • sticker with the number of receiver 1-8 i 9-16
  • warranty 24 months, door-to-door in Polish (courier UPS)

Technical data:

  • powder-coated stainless steel housing – 2mm
  • dimension – 128x380x122 (WxDxH)
  • basic color – RAL7035 (light grey) – the ability to change color
  • protection category – IP20
  • the device has a protective earth pin PE housing + door
  • voltage 230VAC +- 10% 50-60Hz
  • max power load 20A (4500W) for each output
  • temp. of work 5°C – 50°C – indoor installation only
  • relative humidity < 90%
  • consumption 4.2VA – standby mode
  • package – 5-layer carton
  • weight 3,8kg

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