Windows software

zip_file The installer for WindowsXP and Windows7 system.

Download and install the current CSP program – AC1-soft V1.17 net_ico

To operate the program it is required to have the NET Framework – if you do not have it installed, the system will ask for it. In case of difficulty click on the icon on the left.


The installer will guide you step by step …
soft_08 soft_09
the installer will also propose You to install the drivers for the FTDI USB support – required. Important! After installing the program and drivers, befor turning on the program, it’s necessary to connect the driver with the computer with use of the USB cable. The order is important for the system to recognize the new USB port. Typically, this is the last available in the list in the COM port …
program will be ready to work with Your device after pressing [ Load data ], other tips on how to configure and view reports can be found in the instructions of products, we wish You a stress-free 😉 working with the program.
Below the form of a report generated to .csv file, the individual columns of data are separated by division # for easy export of data to other programs.
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